FIFA 22 FUT Friendlies is a feature which allows you to play FUT matches with your friends online and on the same console/pc in different match modes.


In FIFA 22 FUT Friendlies, you have the option of how you want to play and who you want to play against.There are three ways to play it: couch play, play online and play a friend.
Play locally with your friends, or against the AI, from your couch
Match up against friend’s squads, the Team of the Week, real-world Clubs, select community teams and more alongside up to four friends.PLAY ONLINE
Play matches against random opponents online
Take on a random member of the wider FUT community online. Search for a particular House Rule or a set shortlist of Favourites to help you jump into a game faster.

Play online against your friends
Challenge a friend and their Ultimate Team online in standard or House Rules.


What else do you need to know about FUT Friendlies
To access FUT Friendlies, you just need to go to the ‘Play’ tab and select ‘FUT Friendlies’.HOW MATCHES WORK IN FUT FRIENDLIES
When you play matches in FUT Friendlies, they’re a little different than other matches you’d play in FIFA Ultimate Team. That means that when you play FUT Friendlies:
– Your matches don’t consume contracts on your Players;
– The matches you play don’t count towards your Club record;
– Injuries and red cards don’t carry over;
– Loan Items won’t be consumed. For example, you can use a Loan Item with 1 match remaining in a FUT Friendlies match, and it would not use their final remaining match;
– You’ll still get basic match Coin rewards for all FUT Friendlies matches that you play.

Maintain ultimate bragging rights with an in-depth stats tracking system that records a range of statistics from the head-to-head matches you play. Use the stats to analyze and refine your game plan, tweak your pre-game tactics, and prepare for every match. With a host of detailed, immersive information, FIFA 22 allows you to approach every match just like you would an actual game of football, utilizing tactics and strategies gleaned from your stats. Tracked Stats include wins, losses, draws, win %, goals scored, goals allowed, goal differential, goal types (inside box, outside the box, penalties, free kicks), goal heatmap on net, shot on target %, total shots on target, total shots, average possession %, average possession % in areas and pass % completion. In addition to keeping track of the scores, new opposition scouting reports help you identify where you might find gaps in your friend’s style of play.

FUT Draft

FUT Draft or Draft Mode is a competition mode in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team which gives you a series of four matches that can be played offline or online. To enter a FUT Draft competition you need to either spend 15,000 FIFA coins / 300 FIFA points or unlock it with a FUT Draft Token.

  • What is FUT Draft
  • How to Play
  • Competition Format
  • Rewards
  • Single Player Difficulty
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play

FUT Draft mode is available under Single Player and Online tabs in FUT 22. A FUT Draft entry (offline or online) costs 15k coins or 300 FIFA points, you can also unlock it if you have a FUT Draft token.

After the entry, you will be asked to choose your game difficulty and your squad’s formation by choosing between five different formations. After choosing your formation, your first player decision is to select a Captain from a set of five superstars. Then, you need to fill out the rest of your 23-man squad by picking players for each position from a random draw of five players.

Finally, you will need to choose your manager from a random selection of five managers. The formation, players and manager you pick will remain as your default selections throughout the series of matches. Your squad will have Team Chemistry and Team Rating which will affect your gameplay on the pitch. Your team’s kits, ball and stadiums will be your last selected ones in FUT.

Competition Format

A FUT Draft competition series contains four knockout matches to play. You need a win to qualify to the next match, which means a loss will eliminate your team out of the series. The higher you go, the more stronger opponent you will face and the higher you finish in the competition, the bigger the rewards will be.


As you progress throughout the competition, you will earn better rewards. FUT Draft rewards are including packs, coins and Draft Mode Token. Winning four matches in a row will earn the best rewards possible. Even if you lose your first match you will still receive a reward. Online Draft Mode has reportedly better rewards in compare to Single Player Draft Mode. Here is a list of possible you could get by playing a FUT Draft competition.

Offline Mode Difficulty

Before entering a Single Player Draft mode competition, you need to choose your game difficulty which will determine your competition prizes, the higher difficulty you choose, the better rewards you will earn at the end of the competition. Your game difficulty selection in Draft Single Player mode cannot be changed throughout the series of matches and it can fluctuate slightly for each match. Below is the list of difficulty selection including its difficulty breakdown information.

Difficulty Attacking Intelligence Reaction Speed Marking and Space
Beginner 10% 20% 15%
Amateur 20% 40% 30%
Semi-Pro 40% 50% 50%
Professional 50% 70% 60%
World Class 75% 80% 80%
Legendary 90% 90% 90%
Ultimate 100% 100% 100%


Here are the frequently asked questions about the FUT Draft Mode in FIFA. If your questions are not answered here, you can ask it using the comment form given below this post:

Why It Is Called Draft Mode?

As a competition mode in FIFA Ultimate Team, FUT Draft mode allows to build a squad for your club from the scratch with a random set of high quality players which you may not already have their cards in your club. Draft mode gives you an opportunity to experience building a high quality squad while you can learn about the team & players chemistry, formation settings and in general, forming a good team in FUT. Technically, Draft mode is a test drive for you to see how which players from which leagues and nationality you can go for to form a FUT squad. In FUT Draft mode, you don’t spend coins/points to get player cards – except for the competition entry, this will help you to draft out a team in action and improve your knowledge of how to fit the players in a team, as well as how to improve your gameplay with that team while you are achieving prizes and earning coins.

Who Can Enter FUT Draft Mode?

Everyone who has a FUT Club is eligible to enter the Draft mode by either purchasing it for 15,000 coins / 300 points, or redeeming a FUT Draft mode using a Draft Token found in packs.

Can I Use my Own Player and Manager Cards for FUT Draft Matches?

No. You are only able to use the players and managers which are given to you by the system in FUT Draft mode.

Can I Change my Squad’s Formation During FUT Draft Mode Matches?

No. The formation you choose before finalising your squad will be your primary formation and you will not be able to have a secondary one.

Is a FUT Draft Token Tradeable?

No. Draft Tokens are only to redeem and can not be traded in the Transfer Market.

Where Can I Find a FUT Draft Token?

You may find a FUT Draft Token in FUT packs only depending on your luck.

Who Are My Opponents in Draft Mode Matches?

If you are playing FUT Draft Single Player mode, the teams you will be playing against are real clubs from FIFA 22 teams controlled by CPU. In FUT Draft Online mode, you will be facing the other FUT Draft mode players who are connected to EA online servers.

How About the Disconnections During FUT Draft Games?

Disconnections in Draft mode matches will follow the same DFN rules as FIFA 22‘s.

Are My Draft Mode’s Players Tradeable?

No. The players you’re receiving in FUT Draft mode are only available in the Draft mode and they won’t go to your Club, which means you won’t own them.

What Are Draft Mode’s Prizes?

Packs, coins and FUT Draft Token.

How Many Times I Can Play the FUT Draft Mode?

As many times as you pay for the FUT Draft entry.

FUT Champions Cup

The first round of FIFA 22 FUT Champions (weekend league) is expected start on Friday, 9 October 2020.

FUT Champions is an online divisional competition mode in FUT 22 which is available only on the weekends. To play FUT Champions Weekend League, you need to get qualified for it by playing Division Rivals and collect 2,000 FUT Champions Points.

FUT Champions is available under Play menu in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. By playing the FUT Champions mode in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team you will be able to earn rewards such as coins, FUT 22 packs, FUT Champions Points and special FUT Champions player picks.

How to Qualify for a FUT Champions Competition

The qualification rounds of FUT Champions are played under the Division Rivals online mode. You need to get 2,000 FUT Champions points in Division Rivals to qualify and register for the coming FUT Champions Weekend League. Once the the registration is made, that 2,000 points will be reset to 0. More details on the Division Rivals mode is available at FIFA 22 Division Rivals.

FUT Champions Weekend League

The FUT Champions final rounds known as the Weekend League and are played as online competitions during the weekends (from Friday to Sunday). FUT Champions Weekend Leagues are only available for people who qualified for it through the Division Rivals. After the qualification, you need to register for the upcoming Weekend League. The registration is simple and it can be done under the FUT Champions screen. After entering the Weekend League, you will have the option to play up to 40 games during each Weekend League.


The matchmaking in FUT Champions matches are based on two factors:

  • The result of your first 5 ranking matches
  • Your location

When you start a Weekend League, your are given 5 matches to play in order to place you in the ranking list. The result of these five matches which are either Win, Loss or Draw, are counted for your matchmaking on that weekend. Players with similar results are paired in matchmaking. The second factor is location. Players are matched based on their geographical location and proximity to EA servers to ensure quality matches.

FUT Champions Points

FUT Champions Points are in-game points in Division Rivals mode which are used to qualify and register for a FUT Champions Weekend League competition.

FUT Champions Points are gained by playing Division Rival matches and as rewards. The number of FUT Champions Points received after completing a Division Rivals match is calculated based on:

  • Your match result (Win/Draw/Loss)
  • Your current division
  • Your rank in that division

By winning, drawing and losing a match you will get different amount of FUT Champ Point, where a win has the most most and a loss has the least.



Based on the ranking you gained from a Weekend League, you will receive FUT Champions rewards which include coins, packs, FUT Champ Points and Player Picks. Rewards are assigned on every Thursday (7am UK). Check out the complete list of FIFA 22 FUT Champions Rewards for more details.

Here is the type of rewards given to FUT Champions qualified players:

  • Packs
  • Coins
  • FUT Champ Points
  • FUT Champ Player Picks

Champions Channel

Under Champions Channel in FUT Champions, you will be able to watch the match replays from the Top 100 best players every weekend. By watching the replays, you will also be able to the controller inputs they have used during the game which shows you the buttons the top players are pressing in every scenario of play, including during instant replays. On top of button inputs, there is also an ability to skip between stoppages in play in a replay and jump ahead / backwards on the timeline.

Division Rivals

FUT Rivals is an online game mode that features 10 divisions, each one with six ranks. Each week in Division Rivals is an entirely different competition. You get promoted or relegated depending on how much skill rating you acquired throughout the week and you can earn rewards at the end of it. Obviously, the higher is your division, the better are the rewards. Your weekly score determines your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when the competition ends. For the four top ranks, you always have the option to choose from coins, tradeable packs or untradeable packs. You don’t need to redeem your rewards in the week they are assigned to you. They can be stored to be opened later. They don’t expire. New FIFA 22 FUT Rivals rewards are delivered every Thursday. All release times shown in this page are indicated in the UK time zone.
What is the skill rating?
It’s exactly what it sounds like — a way to rate your skills, or performance, in FIFA 22 Rivals overall. With every match you play, your Skill Rating will change. It will increase or decrease based on how you do in your matches.
Whats the purpose of the skill rating?
Your Skill Rating determines which Division you’ll compete in each week within Division Rivals and is part of the matchmaking system in Division Rivals.
How does the skill rating change?
Every match you play in Division Rivals will determine any changes to your Skill Rating. Win a match and your Skill rating will probably go up; lose a match and it will probably go down. The amount that it changes depends on both your Skill Rating as well as your opponent’s. If you win a match with someone that has a higher Skill Rating than you, yours will go up more than if you won against someone with a similar or lower Skill Rating. If you draw, your Skill Rating could go up, down, or not change at all. That’s because if your opponent has a lower Skill Rating, then yours will drop. If their Skill Rating is about the same as yours, it might stay right where it is. If their Skill Rating is higher than yours, your Skill Rating could go up.
What is my weekly score?
Weekly Score is just what it sounds like — it’s the score you’ve gotten in a weekly competition of FUT Division Rivals. It’s used to determine your Rank in your Division as well as what rewards you can choose from at the end of the weekly competition.
How can I reach a higher rating?
For each match you play, your skill rating is increased but you also receive Weekly Points. These points are used to determine your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when the competition ends.
How do rewards work in Division Rivals?
Each weekly competition will have a set of rewards available for each Division, with different rewards available for each Rank within the Division. Once the weekly competition ends, and assuming that you had a Weekly Score for that week, you will have earned a reward.
How good are the rewards?
Generally, they are worse than Weekend League rewards but better than Squad Battles ones.

Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

What are SBCs?

FIFA 22 SBC is a single-player game mode within FUT. Playing it, the players have new opportunities to get creative, submitting squad building challenges and earning decent rewards.

Since when do SBCs exist?

Squad Building Challenges were released for the first time ever in FIFA 17. Since then they become very popular.

Why were SBCs created?

One of the aims of the Squad Building Challenges game mode is to allow players make use of cards they don’t need or leave rotting in their clubs, completing challenges and earning rewards for it.
Where can I use this mode?
You can use your console, PC or the Web/Companion App to complete challenges and earn in-game rewards.
How do I start?
The first time you select Squad Building Challenges, a tutorial will appear explaining how to complete your first challenge group. Once this tutorial has been completed, you’ll need to select one of the many Challenges available to you to work towards completing.
What happens to the items I submitted?
Pay attention because this is particularly important: you will not be able to get back the cards that you use in the Squad Building Challenges. Think wisely about which players you select – you will give up all player items that are part of the challenge once you submit your team.
Can I change the formation?
No. Formations are locked for each challenge.
What are the rewards?
Completing Challenges and Groups give access to several rewards. The individual challenges themselves are rewarded with FUT packs, coins, player items and kits, while completing groups gives access to even bigger rewards like unique player items.

Squad Battles

What is Squad Battles?

FIFA 22 Squad Battles is a single player game mode where you take on other squads from the FUT community, to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards.




Should I play FUT Champions or Squad Battles?

FUT Champs has much better rewards but Squad Battles is also a good option for who doesn’t like to play against real opponents or doesn’t have a good connection.
Can other players play against my squad?
Yes, it may happen if you have played at least one match on Squad Battles, Draft (online and single player), FUT Champions or Division Rivals.
What are Battle Points?
Battle Points are earned at the end of each Squad Battles match. They are used to determine your Rank in the weekly Squad Battles competition.
How does ranking in Squad Battles work?
In Squad Battles, the Battle Points you earn during the week determines your Rank in the weekly competition. Each Rank can only hold a certain percentage of the players competing in Squad Battles during the current weekly competition. Ranks are determined by the average score among all competitors. To get the highest rank, you will need to earn more Battle Points than all other players in the weekly competition. The percentage breakdown of each Rank can be seen in-game.

If you are one of the Top 200 players in a weekly Squad Battles competition, you’ll earn rewards based on your position in the Top 200.

How good are the rewards?

Generally, they are much worse than Weekend League and FUT Rivals rewards.
Can I save my rewards for later?
Sure. You can save your rewards to be opened when the best special items are available in packs.
How many games can I play for a week?
You can play unlimited matches but only 42 will count for your ranking: the first 40 against other squads from the FUT community and the last match against the featured squad and the TOTW.