Throughout the year EA organizes different events in FIFA Ultimate Team. These range from FUT Birthday, St. Patricks Day to Halloween, Team of the Year events and others.

These events usually result in new player cards, the pack offers or SBC’s, which strongly influence the market. Some events like the Team of the Year or the Team of the Season also cause the market to collapse, which makes your whole team worthless and you lose coins. Here is an overview of the events throughout the year:

It is advisable to inform yourself about the individual events. If a market crash is expected, you can earn additional coins by selling your team early at high prices and buying new at low prices for the market crash.

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Opening Packs

In FIFA 22 there are different ways to get packs. These can be earned through different game modes (Squad Battles, Weekend League, etc.), earned through Squad Building Challenges or simply bought.

Basically, the probability of pulling an outstanding player from packs is extremely low. The Youtuber ChrisMD has made an attempt in this regard and has invested around 5600 Euros in Fifa Packs. In the end he was able to generate about 10 million ingame coins from these packs. But to get anywhere near the price-performance ratio, he would have had to pull TOTGS Ronaldo 15 times. But this did not happen once.

From this follows: Don’t buy packs with coins, because this will only pay off in very rare cases.

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When a new Fifa version, all FIFA Ultimate Team players can’t wait to send their new build teams out onto the field and play with them.

Especially in the beginning, however, almost no one can afford to buy strong alternate players so that his regular team can recover. As a result, a lot of contracts, but above all fitness and team fitness cards are needed on the market, which in some cases increases the price of these cards considerably.

Traders can take advantage of this annual behavior by buying many fitness and team fitness cards via Web App before the new FIFA is released. These are still very cheap before the game starts, because there is almost no demand. However, as soon as the game is playable, the demand rises strongly and the cards can be sold at a profit.

This is a very good method to get many coins at the beginning. But please note that this method does not work after the game has been sold.

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Coin Boost, Starting Team, Trading

At the beginning of every new FIFA, the goal of every trader must be to earn coins as quickly as possible. Since in each transfer market of a new Fifa part still very few Coins are in circulation, all Coins earned by you are particularly worth much! Below are three tips on how to start earning coins.

The first tip is: Buy as many Coin Boosts from the EA-Sports catalog as possible. These boosts allow you to get additional coins for a limited time. The higher your EA level is, the more Coin Boosts you can buy. Especially when you play games with your new team, these boosts are very profitable.

Also the order of the bought boosts is important! The boosts are redeemed in the same order in which you bought them. Therefore it is recommended that you buy the more expensive coin boosts first to get the best boosts first.

The second tip is a bit more difficult to implement: Build a low-budget, but at the same time powerful team with full chemistry (100%!) together. In previous FIFA versions, for example, there were players like Gabriel Jesus, Martial or Bakayoko, who didn’t have the best rating (and therefore weren’t expensive), but they are very good to play. With such players you should put together a team as soon as possible to play squad battles or online games with them and get coins.

It would be best if you sell all objects and players that don’t fit to your team right at the beginning and invest the coins in players with your preferred league. Players with a lot of speed are preferable especially in the offensive. Since the weaker players are usually not very expensive, they lose little in value over a longer period of time, which saves you coins.

The third and last tip deals with trading at the start of a new part. As the market is very volatile, especially in the beginning of the new FIFA part, and the prices of players have not yet settled down to a level, you can sell highly valued players partly at very high prices. For this reason, the method of Selling players overpriced can be used especially well during this time. You should make sure that you buy players with a rating of 80 or higher cheaply and offer them on the transfer market expensively as often as possible with a corresponding surcharge. To trade particularly efficiently, your transfer market should always be full of players for sale!

If you strictly follow these three trading methods, nothing stands in the way of your optimal start in FIFA 22!

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The Maintenance Trick

As in any online game, EA has to maintain its servers from time to time to fix any errors that occur. In order to minimize inconvenience for players, EA announces these maintenance tasks with a certain lead time.

You can use this maintenance work to bid on a lot of players in advance with a favorable purchase price. This is because during the maintenance no gamer can access the game and therefore cannot outbid your offers. The players simply expire during the maintenance work and then belong to the player who offered them.

EA itself recommends setting a higher minimum price for each player before the maintenance work starts so that the cards are not sold too cheaply. However, many players do not pay attention to this advice, which can be exploited by you. For this method, it is, therefore, necessary that you inform yourself about the maintenance work of the EA servers.

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Ones To Watch Cards

Since Fifa 17, so-called Ones to Watch (OTW) player cards have been available for purchase. These cards get an update every time the player has performed well in the past week and is thus accepted into the team of the week.

However, these cards can be traded very well by traders by buying them whenever the player has performed poorly in the past week. This is because no one expects these OTWs to increase this week, causing the price to drop.

However, as soon as the next game is due and the player is in the starting eleven, many traders expect a better performance, which increases interest in the OTW card, and therefore the price goes up. Using this method, you can make a profit every week by buying the right OTW players.

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Mass bidding

Mass bidding is all about bidding on as many players as possible and thus bidding on many of these players. This method is particularly efficient when bidding on players at the repulsion price (350 for non-rare gold cards and 650 for rare gold cards), as there is virtually no risk involved.

These players can then be offered every hour with a certain extra charge (depending on the value according to FUTBin). So you can make a profit without risking coins right from the beginning of FIFA.

Players should be chosen who have a popular league, a popular nation or both. This increases the chance that these players will be bought.

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Sell player overpriced

The trading method overpriced selling is about offering players cheaply and then reselling them with a premium (depending on the purchase price). This method works because many gamers are too lazy to check the actual purchase price of a player on FUTBin.

The following players should be used for overpriced selling:

Player with a popular nation

These include Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal.

Player with a popular league

However, the player’s league is even more important for selling than the nation. Especially the five biggest leagues BPL, Serie A, BBVA, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 should be bought.

High rated players

Players with a high rating are often used in SBC’s to drive up the team rating. Any rating above 81 is good for SBC’s

Not yet assigned players

Players who still have 7 contracts, Basic Chemistry style and 99 Fitness are often bought more expensive by many players, because they can build their own statistics with the player (goals, stakes, etc). Therefore, make sure that the players you bought have not been used yet.

Position changed players

Buy position changed players, or change them yourself and then put them on the market. Many players want to buy a player that they can immediately use on the free position without having to convert it themselves. In addition, these players are often bought faster because the supply on the market is lower with this position.

After the players to be bought have been identified, the question arises as to how much more expensive the players should be hired? Here is a rule of thumb:

MW: 1-5k-> Profit: 1-3k
MW: 5-10k-> gain: 3-5k
MW: 10-20k-> Profit: 5-10k

Many players with higher prices will not be sold the first time they offer. So it is best to put them on the market again every hour and wait until the players leave. The more players you offer at the same time, the higher the probability that individual players will be bought.

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The 59th minute method

Hundreds of thousands of players and objects are offered on the transfer market around the clock. Of course, there are some bargains among these vast amounts of objects, which can bring you many coins.

Many FIFA gamers are often too focused on quickly converting their players into coins and continuing to play, so they don’t control prices before selling. Therefore, players are often put on the market with a too low instant purchase price. However, these players are not long in the market because many traders know this and buy the player immediately.

So that you can also win through these players, only a few steps are necessary. First, you need to check the instant buy price of a player you have selected on FUTBin. Once you know the price, you search for the player on the exchange market and enter a slightly lower price than the price specified by FUTBin as the maximum instant buy price. Now all you have to do is update the page frequently and buy the player as soon as he is listed. However, you have to be quick to do this so that another gamer doesn’t buy the player from you beforehand.

This method is especially effective for popular players from the big leagues (England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy), as these players are often bought at higher prices. Please note, however, when reselling the player, EA will withhold 5% of the sales price as transaction tax for each item sold.

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FUT Web App

The FUT Web App is a mandatory application for every trader and all those who want to become one. It allows you to access your Ultimate Team while on the go. By using a keyboard, the Web App also offers advantages in trading by making it easier to search for players and mass bidding on the exchange market.

What functions does the FUT Web App offer?

The Web App offers you numerous advantages that you should definitely use as a trader. The following functions are available to you:

  • Access to the transfer market
  • Management of your active team including substitutes
  • Access to all objects in your club
  • Open Packs from the Store
  • Do SBC’s
  • View daily and weekly goals


How can I access the Web App?

You can access the Web App using any Internet browser.

In order to be able to access the Web App with the cell phone, EA Sports has introduced the so-called Companion App. This app is available for IOS as well as for Android.

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