Chemistry and morale

We always test all parts of each FIFA game as everyone has differences. UT has a thing called chemistry and also player morale. Basically means how well people get on with each other and how happy they are. Or at least it should mean this. We have been looking at team chemistry and individual chemistry. While testing it in previous versions we realized how important morale is and fitness. Also which positions the players to like to play in outside of UT. Check this in an offline exhibition game before you buy players so HULK actually likes LW/RW/ST. We always use him as ST when not testing the game 🙂

So this is how we tested everything trying to use scientific controls and variables rather than just deciding. Obviously the opponents online have different levels of FIFA ability but we know how everything is affecting our players. We have played over 150 games purely testing this with no other internet devices switched on to give the best connection possible. If you don’t understand everything below or just want the results just read the conclusion at the bottom of the page ha. We also recorded lots of games and will attempt to create videos giving examples. We took some real beatings and some people were recording at the time too ha.

The control used was 4-1-2-1-2 formation, Team rated 79-81, Play >10 games with >90 fitness, Neutral morale, 95 or higher chemistry and every player 9 chemistry, Players in correct positions and formation, Played between 7pm-10pm UK time, In the Gold cup only.

Then varied the following (meaning only changing each of below in turn compared to the original control) –

  • 2 attacking players in wrong formation but correct position and 9 chemistry from players around them.
  • 2 attacking players in correct formation but wrong position with 9 chemistry from players around them.
  • 2 attacking players from different leagues both with 0 chemistry, wrong formation and wrong position.
  • 2 attacking players from different leagues both with 2 chemistry, correct formation but wrong position.
  • 2 attacking players from different leagues both with 4 chemistry, correct formation and position.
  • Less than 70 overall chemistry. Used all different players from various leagues so players had less chemistry but in correct formation and position.
  • Less than 70 overall chemistry. Added a few players from various leagues in wrong formation and position.
  • Less than 50 overall chemistry. Players from various leagues in wrong formation and position.
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FUT Player Prices

FIFA player prices in FUT are affected by a number of factors. Supply and demand is obvious, the best players in the game have the highest price. However various things can change the prices of players. Performances in real life affect their demand. Also how good they are in FIFA, such as Ben Yedder who was amazing in FIFA 22. English Premier League players usually have a higher price due to the demand for the league. Then there are various SBCs and objectives requiring players during the season which influence price. So always keep an eye on them and the prices of players in your team.

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How to trade in FUT 22

The best way to casually make lots of coins is to create a team and sell the players each day buying them back cheaper. The safe way to do this is to buy the replacement cheaper than you are going to sell. Obviously you have to be careful and aware of current SBCs. If players are needed for SBCs sell them and wait until the SBC is over. Then buy them back cheaper. You can also try lots of different teams trying players and formations selling and buying as you go. We never build an English Premier league squad as our starter team. From this method you will quickly identify players you can “flip” for more coins quickly. Eg we were buying Cervi for 600 coins on bid or snipe and selling for 900

After a few weeks save any 84 and higher rated players for SBCs. There are lots of cheap ones but any from the bigger leagues will always be needed for SBCs at some point. So a player going for 1k will suddenly start selling for 5 to 10k. Likewise In Forms which were 10k could suddenly be 20 – 50k.

Silver players can have high value due to the League SBCs where people need every player of every team in a league. In FIFA 19 some silver players held values of 20 to 25k

Remember good player prices usually drop around the time of the TOTW (Team of the Week) on Wednesday. Prices drop heavily before and during TOTY (Team of the Year) in January or TOTS (Team of the Season) near the end of the football season. When the in form / TOTY / TOTS players come out people sell their decent players to be able to buy the new ones. You can check player prices live on our FUT player prices page.

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When to buy and sell players

Buy players early Monday after FUT Champions has finished or Wednesday when their price will generally be lower. Then sell Friday or Saturday when people play FUT Champions Weekend. Real life games can affect prices. If Aguero scores a hat-trick in a game his price goes up. So you can almost trade within games. Be aware of SBCs and always check player prices before you do anything.

Try to buy SBC players before or as soon as it starts. Before they go up. We will try to tweet any we think are coming. Basically any players in popular leagues rated 84 or over will rise in price if needed for an SBC. If you can store them.

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How to make coins

In FIFA 20 we made 3 million coins with around 2 million more in players and consumables. Not including our actual main squad which was full of amazing players. Our original FIFA trading to 1 million coins video below still works today. We are also adding a new video showing those same techniques and more from last year.

Simply buy squads and sell them after playing with them every night or so. Put them up for 1 to 6 hours with a higher starting price than paid and a bin a little more. IF THEY SELL BONUS IF NOT YOU STILL HAVE THEM.

You will be surprised how much money you will make doing that every night. Then buy them back cheaper or buy other players.

DON’T forget EA take 5% of every sale you make on UT. So if you buy a player for 100,000 coins and then sell for 105,000 you only actually get 99750 coins. Making a loss. This is significant with very high price players. Use a calculator on sales to prevent loss or use our handy FUT tax chart

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SBC and objective player investing

Probably the easiest way to make coins without really trying in FIFA. Every week there are SBCs and objectives set which rise the price of cards. Early on keep high rated players of common nations and leagues. Often you will need 83 and higher rated squads to complete SBCs. Save these early on and they could sell for maximum value for an SBC. Make sure sell them at the start of the SBC for maximum profit. Keep an eye on key times such as 3pm onwards during day times. EA usually make new ones live at 6pm.

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Team of the Week player investing

How to trade in TOTW players by @UniqueRiggers on Twitter. When you have coins from opening starter packs and playing squad battles etc. You can invest early in TOTW players. This will be the same in FIFA 22 over the first few weeks.

Also check the analysis from @FUT_Economist of previous FIFA TOTW prices within the starting weeks of FIFA.




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Keep or sell at start of FUT?

Generally if you have good players at the start hold them until the game has been out for a week to maximise profit on selling. However if you are wanting to sell to build a strong team remember that all other players will be high in value too. So the best way is to sell them all and then build a lower rated team grinding for packs etc. This advice is aimed at the general FIFA player not higher level players who will desperately need crazy teams to compete in the top divisions. Great video from FIFA trader FUT_Accountant on Twitter covers these points.


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Player price accuracy on sites

When trading early in FIFA 22 you have to be careful when referencing websites such as FUTBin and FUTWiz etc. In the first few days of every FIFA prices fluctuate and the tracking of the sales seems to vary between sites. Potentially meaning that selling prices shown on the sites can be wrong.

To make sure you don’t get caught out research players that you are attempting to trade in. Check a few websites and also the transfer market to see what players are selling for in open bids. Below shows screenshots of Neymar at the same time on each site. One has up to date price on PS4 and one on Xbox. Make sure you check!


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Which FUT players to trade in early

English Premier League is the biggest league in the world so go through players and see what their lowest buy now is. Players around the leagues who fit into various squads due to nationality. These will fit into potential SBCs too. So when a suitable SBC drops even bigger profits. Mainly the top 9 nations focusing on France, Argentina and Brazil. Fullbacks seem to be a good profit maker and wingers.

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